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Annette av Paul + INNERchamber String Quartet

6 October 2019

INNERchamber notice to postpone April 5th 2020 concert “Home” owing to COVID-19


Dear valued INNERchamber patron,

Sadly, it will not come as a surprise that we must reschedule our April 5th concert “Home” due to COVID-19. It is just the right and prudent decision as we all face this difficult force majeure.

It remains our sincere hope to reschedule this unique and wonderful concert offering in late June. Further, it is our plan to compensate the artists as they are the ones that truly pay the price in these uncontrollable circumstances, and you could help by agreeing to convert the value of your ticket to a donation and receiving a tax receipt.


You have the following options:

1) waiting for the new date to be announced for HOME and receiving a replacement ticket for that date. A volunteer will contact you after April 5th. If you purchased through Fanfare Books, please contact us. 

2) converting your ticket value to a donation, or

3) getting a refund, or

4) having the option to use the ticket for a concert in Season 11.

Please consider your option and either wait to hear from us for option 1, or contact us via our contact page by April 5th for options 2 - 4.


Thank you!
John David Sterne, President, INNERchamber Inc.