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Julie Baumgartel, baroque violin

Andrew Chung, baroque violin

Derek Conrod, natural horn

Borys Medicky, harpsichord

Margaret Gay, baroque cello


Revival House

70 Brunswick St

Stratford, ON

SUNDAY 28 MAY 2023

Upon having his home burned down by unsatisfied patients, eye surgeon John Taylor hit the road going town to town in something like an eye surgery medicine show. With an unerring instinct for self-promotion his social standing grew until the self-styled “Chevalier” became official eye surgeon to George II, 30 percent success rate notwithstanding.


As his notoriety grew, so too did the number of botched surgeries in his wake. Two of his more notable patients were J. S. Bach and G. F. Handel. Each received very speculative cataract surgery and each ended their days without the use of their eyes.


On period instruments, the INNERchamber Ensemble follows John Taylor’s path through Europe at the dawning of the age of modern medicine.


Jagen ist die Lust der Götter from Cantata BWV 208 by Johann Sebastian Bach

Sonata No. 2 BWV 1015 for Violin and Obbligato Harpsichord by Johann Sebastian Bach 

Trio Sonata Op. 2, No 4 by George Frideric Handel HWV 389

“Total Eclipse” from Samson by George Frideric Handel

“Mirth, admit me of thy crew” from L’Allegro by George Frideric Handel

Concerto for Recorder (violin), Horn and Continuo by Georg Philipp Telemann

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