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Kindness is courage, kindness is trust, kindness is truth. It’s easy to dismiss kindness as a dream, the naive province of fools, but it is the work of heroes, the work of giants to mend this torn garment and bridge the vast expanse with the labour set before us: to fill our homes, our communities, and our world with kindness.

Songs and stories of kindness curated by Glynis Ranney and Mike Nadajewski and arranged by Ben Bolt-Martin


Glynis Ranney singer & narrator
Mike Nadajewski singer & narrator

Ben Bolt-Martin arranger

INNERchamber Ensemble

Derek Conrod horn 

Laura Chambers flute

Emily Hamper piano

Andrew Chung violin

Ian Whitman bass

Jamie Drake percussion


Revival House

70 Brunswick St

Stratford, ON


Mrs. Remington by Neil Bartram

Emily Remembers by Shirley Eckhardt

Rondo from Horn Concerto in D Major by W.A. Mozart

Song of Bernadette by Leonard Cohen

La Vie en Rose by Edith Piaf

It Takes Two by Stephen Sondheim

Sandman's Song and Lullaby by Englebert Humperdinck

If We Only Have Love by Jacques Brel

Additional Stories

Story The Man At The Counter by Terry Belleville

Original underscoring and musical arrangements by Ben Bolt-Martin