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Enakshi Sinha


Enakshi is rewarded with a legacy of this beautiful art form (Odissi dance) that does not cease to amaze her with its potential for artistic exploration and personal transformation. Through every performance under the watchful eyes of her Gurus, the unceasing scope of Odissi and its myriad facets of improvisation and collaboration have unfolded.

Enakshi’s goal is to create an awareness of the rich cultural heritage of classical Indian art by creating collaborative dance productions with artistes from all over the world.

Enakshi cultivated a life -long devotion to Indian classical dance starting with Bharatnatyam from the tender age of five. Trained in Bharatnatyam dance in Kalamandalam under the guidance of Smt. Thankumuni Kutty, and attend 1st class diploma course.

She later passionately fell in love with Odissi dance. Enakshi learnt this subtle dance form from Smt.Sharmila Biswas at Odissi Vision & Movement Centre (OVM) and became a regular repertory dancer in her Company. Her distinctive style came from the direct training by Padmavibhusan Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra, a legendary name in Odissi dance and Guru Ratikant Mohapatra in Srjan, Bhubaneswar.

To further enhance the knowledge in Odissi dance she received guidance from Shashimoni & Parashmoni Mahari (existing Maharis in the Puri temple) in the old Temple form of Odissi Dance in OVM. She has the opportunity to assist Smt. Biswas in her research project of folk dance for which Enakshi received training in the folk tradition of Western Orissa from Shri Lingaraj Swain.

To develop her dance further she later learned the intricacy of facial expression from Guru Govindam Kutty.

Her active career spans over the last 15 years