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Heidi Sander

author and dancer

Award-winning poet, Pushcart Prize nominee and best-selling author, Heidi Sander’s poems have appeared in literary journals, anthologies, and multiple artistic collaborations. She is the founder of “Pathways To Poetry”, a multimedia online program that helps emerging and established poets develop their writing, publish their poetry, and promote their work. 

Her award-winning poem, “How We Live On”, is now a short film that will be touring film festivals in 2023 & 2024. Her latest poetry collection, Plant Your Words is focused on environmental awareness and her fourth poetry book will launch in 2023.

As a writer, storytelling is at the heart of everything Heidi does. To her, the art of writing is cathartic and opens doors of discovery. Her greatest joy is to foster the love of writing and to encourage others to share their stories and poetry. Her online program, “Pathways To Poetry” along with other writing workshops is part of her larger vision for the poetry and literary community.

“Dance is poetry for the body,” she often says and is thrilled to combine poetry and dance with this INNERChamber performance.

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