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Cast and Creative

Barbara Barsky as Mary Fanning

Laura Condlln as Bridget Burke

Regan Thiel as Margaret Daley

Marti Maraden, director

Jane Johanson, choreographer

INNERchamber Ensemble

Marek Norman, piano and musical director

Andrew Chung, violin

Marie-Eve Lessard, viola

Ben Bolt-Martin, cello

Liesel Deppe, flute

Jim Mason, oboe

Peter Shackleton, clarinet

Graham Hargrove, percussion


Avondale United Church

194 Avondale Ave

Stratford, ON


The Southern Ontario community of Ballycroy enjoyed explosive success from 1821 thru ‘75 when a suspicious fire destroyed much of the town, taking the lives of three Irish milliners. Over the years that followed, Ballycroy’s sad fate has been the subject of rumour and speculation. Fact or fable, there is no denying that three women were lost to flames that lit the night sky on April 29, 1875. 


Marek Norman, INNERchamber’s former Composer-in-Residence, has created a work that walks the line between myth and reality. His musical play, re-crafted specifically for this one-time-only concert event and directed by the incomparable Marti Maraden, contains Celtic folklore, pioneering courage, faith, destiny ... and ghosts!


Ballycroy, a musical play by Marek Norman

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